Real estate photography


Real Estate photography here in Southern Utah can range from the tiny apartment with no views to the amazing views found in every lot in Entrada. I am always excited to shoot a home in Entrada as they are a welcomed challenge. These immaculate homes are nothing short of attention to detail leaving my job important to capture all of it in the best light possible. This particular homes “money shot” as we professional photographers call it was in the living room  area. I left this shot for the end so I could focus on it and get the best shots. This is not to say thought that the rest of the home was sub par.

Walking into this beautiful home the entryway was beautiful and spacious. Something I wanted to capture with out making the door appear tiny. When Photographing entry ways you have to be careful what angle and distance you choose as you can very easily make the door appear to large or tiny. I was able to grasp the greatness of this entry way with out compromising the door to much. Shooting the rest of the home was pretty easy. Architectural photography on homes that are decorated beautifully is generally quite easy. This particular home didn’t have dark paint so it was super easy to light it up.

I knew that in order to nail the “money shot” for the  living room  I needed to capture the outside views with out compromising the inside lighting. Knowing what settings on my camera to use and time and time again experience was what helped me nail the shot!


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