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Arizona Model Home

I get the comment a lot that my job must be really fun! It really is, as a real estate photographer her in southern Utah I am able to see so much different beautiful architecture. I never know going into a home what i will encounter. I shot this particular home in Arizona just outside Mesquite Nevada. I knew it was a model home, but had know Ideal how much I would love the coloring and how amazing the views would be. Capturing the views while still properly lighting the interior is one of the skills I pride myself in. Not all photographers can accomplish this with out using HRD. Even at that it is still just not the same. Not only did I do this on the dining area, but I was able to give the viewer the whole 180 degrees experience!


out all three windows.


Teressa Sorensen

I grew up here in Southern Utah and recently moved back after spending 7 years in Vermont. I got into photography after being a stay at home mom for 10 years. I had no Idea I would have such a passion for it, but now I just can’t get enough! I love the summer weather, cliff jumping, anything crafty, spending time with my 4 kids and making the most out of every moment. My dad always told me the best way to make money in life is to find something you love doing that others will pay you for. I absolutely love the challenge of shooting the homes here in St George. Every home and client is different making every shoot an adventure and artistic challenge.