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Dixie White Fall Football Team


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Player Number 21

Player Number 68






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  • 2085-Tuweap-D-68-1.jpg


Real Estate photography here in Southern Utah can range from the tiny apartment with no views to the amazing views found in every lot in Entrada.  I am always excited to shoot a home in Entrada as they are a welcomed challenge.  These immaculate homes are nothing short of attention to detail leaving my job important to capture all of it in the best light possible.  This particular homes “money shot” as we professional photographers call it was in the dining area.  I left this shot for the end so I could focus on it and get the best shots.   This is not to say thought that the rest of the home was sub par.

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  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-2.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-55.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-54.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-53.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-52.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-50.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-49.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-48.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-47.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-46.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-44.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-43.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-42.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-41.jpg
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  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-36.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-35.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-34.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-33.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-32.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-31.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-28.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-27.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-26.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-25.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-24.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-23.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-22.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-21.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-20.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-19.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-18.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-17.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-16.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-14.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-11.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-7.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-5.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-4.jpg
  • 435-E-Crestview-Cir-3.jpg

Red Rock Twilight


Here in Southern Utah we are known for our red rocks and the beauty they have. If you have ever watched the red rocks as the sun sets you will know that they change all these wonderful different colors and glow as the sun is setting. This happens in a matter of minutes. When you have a fine home like this one that has such an amazing view out its windows you have to plan your time wisely making sure you know what areas you want to shoot at what times. I knew getting the view out all of the north facing windows including the living room, while it was still light out, was important, so I did those while I waited for the sun to set. I then went to the back yard to grab some beautiful sunset landscape photos. Knowing what angles and what to and not include make all the difference in creating these works of art!

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  • 3402-W-250-N-7.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-8.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-9.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-10.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-11.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-12.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-14.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-15.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-16.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-17.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-19.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-20.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-21.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-22.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-23.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-24.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-25.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-26.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-1.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-2.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-3.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-4.jpg
  • 3402-W-250-N-5.jpg

Laundry Room Special


Here in Southern Utah I shoot homes on a weekly basis in Hurricane. This particular fine home  had been very well taking care of. Making this an easy shoot for me. Walking through the home I noticed the homeowner had staged the  home very well. It was done in a way that you knew some one lived in the home, but it was not done in a way that the average home owner could’t picture themselves living in the home.  Often times I will have to get creative in showcasing the home at its best and hiding the homeowners stuff. For this home is was not a problem. I was simply able to  shoot the angles I wanted with out compromising anything.

One of my favorite features this home had was the window out the laundry room. This is not something I see often. However given that it was the laundry room the space was small and I needed to be strategic with where I placed the camera and triggered my flash in order to avoid having my figure be a huge reflection.  I wanted to make sure you have a great view of the exterior while also noticing the interior of the laundry room.  Not that having a window in the laundry room is on every home buyers list, but it is definitely one of those little extras that will make a buyer fall in love.

While walking through the home I noticed that the walls were more a peachy yellow color that I knew would end up ruining the final image if I didn’t light the spaces properly. This can be particularly difficult when trying to capture an outside view as well as lighting the interior.  Knowing how to use your lighting and the settings on your camera to your best advantage is something this is extremely helpful and has a great impact on your final image. Given the location of this fine home in Hurricane I knew capturing the slight outline of the mountains out the windows would help the agent sell the home. Everyone wants a view!

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Beautiful Bed and Breakfast

Photographing a large property is something that brings both a challenge and a sense of accomplishment. When I got called to photograph a bed and breakfast just outside of St George Utah, I didn’t know how big this property was going to be. Walking into the home I knew that there were several key features that needed to be showcased. The entryway being the first. I was blown away entering the bed and breakfast. I knew capturing the architecture and magnificence you would be greeted with was a must.

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A home not with out its charm

Over the summer I had a chance to photograph a home that I knew would be difficult as it was not the average St George Utah home. It was an old New England home that had tiny rooms and a tiny kitchen. Now I have photographed tiny homes and tiny kitchens, however Never had I photographed a home so large, but so small. More than half of the homes in New England are weird or not without their individual charm. Being able to showcase the home in its best light without deterring future home buyers was the challenge.

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3654 S St George Utah

I photographed this beautiful home here in St George last week for a for sale by owner. Knowing that one of the best things to help you sell your home is good photos for online is key. I have spoken to many potential home buyers and the number one thing they all say is if there isn’t good photos we won’t even consider pursuing the home.

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